Experience the Utrechtse Heuvelrug

De Utrechtse Heuvelrug is the ridge of hills that cuts across the province of Utrecht, in the centre of Holland. It is an area with magnificent views of the river country, endless woods, heather fields and sand dunes. A discovery tour through the area will lead you to beautiful country estates and castles. The many hiking and biking trails allow you to enjoy the countryside in total quiet. The cosy restaurants and cafés in the picturesque villages are often irresistible. Art galleries and shops that sell antiques and curiosa can be found in the old streets of the villages. A regal area with much ALLURE.

The surroundings of Laag Kanje

Cycling in the province....

The Utrechtse Heuvelrug offers a diverse landscape. Here, you will cycle up and down wooded hills, through valley pastures and along lakes. You will pass old orchards and grand country estates with beautifully landscaped gardens. You will find a rich diversity of interesting sights and attractions within a relatively short distance. Signposted routes, in particular, are an excellent choice as they are easy to follow. Choose from junction routes, themed routes and long-distance cycle routes.

Huis Doorn

Huis Doorn has become known as the last residence of the last German Kaiser - Wilhelm 2. After the German defeat in World War 1, Wilhelm flees to the neutral Netherlands and he lives on this estate. The furnishings in Huis Doorn come from the palaces in Berlin and Potsdam. The imperial residence-in-exile is now a museum. The original inventory is still completely intact. Take time for a walk through the beautiful park (English landscape style) and visit the mausoleum of the Kaiser. Museum Huis Doorn is a genuine 'heritage site' of the First World War.

Nationaal Militair Museum

The National Military Museum at the former Soesterberg Air Base is focus on the importance of the Netherlands armed forces in the past, and their relevance in the present day and the future. In addition to its remarkable collection, the National Military Museum provides spectacular visualisations of historic battles and recent peace missions. Amongst several planes there are a Catalina flying boat, helicopters and tanks.

Discover Utrecht and Museums

The city of Utrecht is full of places of interest. A city with an unparalleled vitality. A medieval city centre small enough to explore on foot.The Dom Tower and Dom Church just might be the best-known of interest in Utrecht. But there are many more interesting churches and listed buildings such as the Janskerk church, Kasteel de Haar castle and the fortresses of the New Dutch Water Defence Line.

Lake Henschoten

Henschotermeer (or call it Lake Henschoten) is situated right next to Laag Kanje. A unique swimming lake with white beaches, right in the middle of the woods of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. In addition to swimming, Henschotermeer offers numerous other recreational possibilities, such as clearly marked hiking trails.

Ouwehands Zoo

Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen is a zoo with modern insights into the environment and education on nature, and a zoo with a function when it comes to preserving endangered species. Ouwehand is on its way to becoming the most enjoyable and most beautiful zoo-playground in the Netherlands. The Zoo is delighted and proud to have the honour of welcoming giant pandas to Rhenen.

Pyramid of Austerlitz

Climbing this monument, dating from the French occupation of the Netherlands in the early 1800s, is a feast for the whole family. After enjoying the great view from the top, you can rest up on the spacious terrace. The children will meanwhile enjoy themselves thoroughly in the large playground, complete with bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, a little train and more.

Utrecht Railway Museum

Go down an old mine, take a ride in an exciting attraction, visit the Orient Express and the theatre, or simply enjoy the life-size historic trains and locomotives. The Railway museum is an experience not to be missed! When in the museum, you can start off with ‘The Great Discovery’. Here you can visit an English miners’ village from the year 1839. In a Far East style theatre you can listen to Orient Express travelers telling about their experiences.

Boat Excursions

Shipping Company Schuttevaer is pleased to offer you pleasant and enjoyable boat excursions and tours over the unique canal system of the mediaeval city of Utrecht. During the voyage they tell you all about the hidden bauties of the city and about historic and modern places of interest.The boats making the tours can put you down at and pick you up from all these places.